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Name: Laner Huff
Age: 21
Location: Clemmons, NC
Sexuality: Natasha
Ethnicity: Human

Genre: any music that doesn't suck? why restrict yourself. n00bs.
5 bands: rx bandts, nofx, bad religion, black flag, the aquabats
Favorite song: who would've thought
Favorite lyrics: innosence is overrated now

Movies: kill bill, old kung fu flicks, any eddie murphy movie
Food: japanese hibachi
Books: science fiction esp orson scott card or asimov
Hobbies: DDR
Color: puprle, red
Website: don't have one anymore

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: It's a womans choice, what she does to her body, not mine. I'd hate someone telling me I couldn't get snipped if I decided I didn't want children, and while I realize this isn't the exact same thing, it's my body. I'm not a girl, but hey, I don't want any kids right now either. Gimmie a coathanger or give me life. Hey anyway, theres other things that you can do to prevent having children, do those first, this last.
Death penalty: If I remember correctly the US and Japan are the only industrialized countries that still continue to murder their own citizens. An eye for an eye is a little outdated and WRONG, don't you think?
Religion: Agnostic.
Homosexuality: What about it? It has as much validity as heterosexuality. I'm not gay, but there are people that are. Why not just classify everyone as human.
Government: Yea, you need em, otherwise we'd be killing each other over food even more than we are now.
Usa: Better than most people wanna admit. Sure, Iraq was a mistake, but we don't get car bombings over here everyday like some other countries do, we gotta be doing something right.
Socio-economic classes: They've always existed, and they always will, even in pure communist systems you see them, just to a lesser degree. It's the governments job to raise the standard of living of the lower and middle classes though, at least to try to bridge the gaps.


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only because your penis is huge and youre good in bed. ♥
+ rx bandits
+ kill bill
++++++++ ddr
+++++++++ if i say no i'll get in trouble. i kid i kid.

yes sir.
because the hitler picture is the funniest shit and ddr

but... you listen to nofx :-/
you're 21?
no, it's all a lie, i'm actually 12

um. i say yes.
An eye for an eye is a little outdated and WRONG, don't you think?

Possibly, but so is eating babies, but I still enjoy that. Lets play DDR.

but yeah.. there are too many ddr players in the world.. time to die lane! ^______^
I like your attitude and personality
it's pretty refreshing considering where I'm from.
yeah I agree with you on death penalty a lot. it is outdated and defiantly wrong.
you should have done the hitler wave in the photo.

because you love old kung fu flicks. and i found the rest of your app insightful.
silly boys...stop bickering...just bc someone doesnt like you doesnt automatically make you uncool

ANYWAY, i'll give you a yes...good answers and i like rxbandits
I know the Aquabats

drama was deleted. if you guys (farva shit band) start shit again by getting anonymous people in here, ill just delete it. ♥
I deleted ALL of the drama...

all I can say is that people are entitled to their opinions...

I hope everyone had fun.. <3

I love you all and I wish you wouldn't fight.. but hey, whatever goes

Deleted comment

I love you Justin!

(wtf... why did my comment above this one get deleted. I believe all i said was "thanks vanna :-P" ?)


May 8 2004, 09:01:01 UTC 13 years ago

I'd like to state that I'm not in Justins band.

~ A random Live Journal user.
uhh i love your siteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <333im a live journal virgin, think you could help me out a bit? thx.
huh, what are you talking about