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Name: cassidy
Age: 15
Location: tucson
Sexuality: straight
Ethnicity: caucasian

Genre: indie, emo, ska, hardcore, some hiphop/rap, blues, jazz
5 bands: appleseed cast, mates of state, bright eyes, blood brothers, mean reds(local)
Favorite song: cassidy by the grateful dead, because i was named after it and it is beautiful
Favorite lyrics: "you're just jealous cause we're young and in love"-soco amaretto lime by brand new

Movies: there are oh so many, empire records, say anything, elephant, what to do in case of fire, revenge of the nerds, weird science, mean girls
Food: pop rocks
Books: the perks of being a wallflower, white oleander, the best little girl in the world, cut, go ask alice
Hobbies: taking pictures, skanking/dancing at shows, my ipod, sleeping in cars, cyber bowling, playing bass, music in general, writing useless words that i love
Color: green and purple
Website: homestarrunner and livejournal

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: there would be more abortion if we didnt have birth control. i am a bit of pro choice and pro life and heres why, woman can die from giving birth and i think their live should be saved. if a woman can not physically give birth to a child, it should be allowed. but for a reason of the women not wanting the child, it shouldnt. families are always wanting to adopt, and putting a baby up for adoption is a way to give to those who cannot become pregnant.
Death penalty: should not be allowed. if someone killed someone else close to me, i would want them to suffer, and not die. why kill someone to prove that killing people is wrong?
Religion: i do go to church, and i am catholic. but i will never force my religion on others, and i will never preach it either. because sometimes i question it myself.
Homosexuality: gay and lesbians have been around me my whole life, and to me they are just people. who cares what kind of people they prefer as their mates?
Government: most of the time, i don't agree with the government. but we do need it
Usa: i lived in mexico for the first 3 years of my life and i know how bad some people have it in other contries. i sometimes do enjoy it here, because i think about how lucky we are compared to others. but there are so many others places then the usa, and alot of times the government doesn't realize
Socio-economic classes: it all depends on the person, and how they are raised with what they have or dont have.


a picture of pictures of me my friend took

at an 80's party

i cut my hair yesterday, and this is what it looks like now

the colors messed up with this one

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