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Name: Leah
Age: 17
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Sexuality: I like boys…and I am a female girl
Ethnicity: White… very European… and Irish

Genre: Ska, 80’s pop, old punk/pop, fun music to dance to and to sing along with?
5 bands: Goldfinger, The Cure, Death Cab for Cutie, The Clash, Pedro the Lion
Favorite song: at the moment it is “Cats on Mars” by Yoko Kanno… I’m just in a very odd mood lately.
Favorite lyrics: “All I want is a picture for me to look at. All I need for me to look at you when you're not there”

Movies: I like sappy feel good movies at times, and Horror flicks. My all time favorite movie is Carrie. I recently saw a few new movies that I like a lot though- In America (the little girl Ariel looks and acts like me when I was little) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was pretty great too.
Food: I’m vegetarian. I really love Chinese and Japanese food. I am a huge tofu fan. I also LOOOOVE Indian food…mmm
Books: I like reading romance novels and making fun of them. They are good fun to laugh at. I also love horror books and silly teen novels. I absolutely love collections of stories. My favorite book that I have read recently is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.
Hobbies: I am the ultimate softball player. I play softball year round. I also love to write and to draw and to paint. I sew and design clothing, too. I hope to some day go into fashion design.
Color: Yellow
Website: http://www.asifcomic.com/

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: I firmly believe in birth control. Birth control pills and other such ways of keeping yourself non-pregnant are great things. I don’t believe if one gets herself pregnant, and into the pregnancy decides to abort the unborn thing.. child, that it is right to do so. I believe in a “right to chose” but I also believe that some choices are wrong. I think that if a woman will die because of the birth of her child, or if a woman is raped, she is definitely qualified for an abortion.
Death penalty: I think that killing, in itself, is quite wrong and that if we are punishing someone for killing, we should not kill them. I know that it is in the bible, “an eye for an eye,” but I thought Church and State were separated a while ago. I am definitely not for the death penalty.
Religion: Religion does things for a lot of people. I, myself, am not religious. I used to be a member of a church, and go every Sunday, but I don’t believe in the things that I learned there. Religion is a teacher and a helper for many people though, and I support those who are religious. I do NOT support those who try and force their religion on others. That is just not cool.
Homosexuality: I have nothing against homosexuality. I have many friends and relatives who are homosexual. I think it’s a big problem that there are so many homophobic people in the world.
Government: It bugs me a lot. Politics drive me insane.
Usa: gah. There are so many things wrong with this country. Oh well…
Socio-economic classes: What can we do?


Me before prom.

no flash and bright light

I really like polka dots

old picture… but I love the ribbon!!

I accidentally dyed my hair purple a while ago…


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