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Name: Leah
Age: 17
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Sexuality: I like boys…and I am a female girl
Ethnicity: White… very European… and Irish

Genre: Ska, 80’s pop, old punk/pop, fun music to dance to and to sing along with?
5 bands: Goldfinger, The Cure, Death Cab for Cutie, The Clash, Pedro the Lion
Favorite song: at the moment it is “Cats on Mars” by Yoko Kanno… I’m just in a very odd mood lately.
Favorite lyrics: “All I want is a picture for me to look at. All I need for me to look at you when you're not there”

Movies: I like sappy feel good movies at times, and Horror flicks. My all time favorite movie is Carrie. I recently saw a few new movies that I like a lot though- In America (the little girl Ariel looks and acts like me when I was little) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was pretty great too.
Food: I’m vegetarian. I really love Chinese and Japanese food. I am a huge tofu fan. I also LOOOOVE Indian food…mmm
Books: I like reading romance novels and making fun of them. They are good fun to laugh at. I also love horror books and silly teen novels. I absolutely love collections of stories. My favorite book that I have read recently is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.
Hobbies: I am the ultimate softball player. I play softball year round. I also love to write and to draw and to paint. I sew and design clothing, too. I hope to some day go into fashion design.
Color: Yellow
Website: http://www.asifcomic.com/

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: I firmly believe in birth control. Birth control pills and other such ways of keeping yourself non-pregnant are great things. I don’t believe if one gets herself pregnant, and into the pregnancy decides to abort the unborn thing.. child, that it is right to do so. I believe in a “right to chose” but I also believe that some choices are wrong. I think that if a woman will die because of the birth of her child, or if a woman is raped, she is definitely qualified for an abortion.
Death penalty: I think that killing, in itself, is quite wrong and that if we are punishing someone for killing, we should not kill them. I know that it is in the bible, “an eye for an eye,” but I thought Church and State were separated a while ago. I am definitely not for the death penalty.
Religion: Religion does things for a lot of people. I, myself, am not religious. I used to be a member of a church, and go every Sunday, but I don’t believe in the things that I learned there. Religion is a teacher and a helper for many people though, and I support those who are religious. I do NOT support those who try and force their religion on others. That is just not cool.
Homosexuality: I have nothing against homosexuality. I have many friends and relatives who are homosexual. I think it’s a big problem that there are so many homophobic people in the world.
Government: It bugs me a lot. Politics drive me insane.
Usa: gah. There are so many things wrong with this country. Oh well…
Socio-economic classes: What can we do?


Me before prom.

no flash and bright light

I really like polka dots

old picture… but I love the ribbon!!

I accidentally dyed my hair purple a while ago…


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you better not have said anything dumb in the issues section, because i'm basing this solely off of your music, movies, and how pretty you are.

ps - you have blue eyes. so do i. good for us.
hey. you're beautiful. and like good stuff... and other stuff i don't feel like writing heh.

so yes.

oh yeah and you look like my mom when she was younger.
lol. thanks!
I say yes because you're pretty, I like your answers except for the socioeconomic classes question.. how do you feel about welfare, medicaid, or taxcuts for the wealthy?
I have a problem with taxcuts for the wealthy. I feel that if they are incredibly rich, taxes shouldnt hurt the fact that they are making more than most everyone in the country. it could help this country get out of the hole that its dug itself into economically. Welfare. hum... I think its a good idea to get people back onto their feet with, but i've heard that most people cant ever get off of welfare... and thats an issue.
sorry, i was never added to the members list... and i was accepted. thats it.

yay! steph, you like me you really like me!
i was so so so so tempted to say no. but i have nothing to hold against you except for "i am a female girl" that just sounds silly. i'm just having a bad day. i don't wanna be a h8er!!

i think you are super pretty too.

PS: you look gorgeous when you smile. therefore you should do it more often. emo doesn't look good on you. :D
not going for emo, just never thought i looked good when i smiled. thanks though, i will try and smile more!
you're beautiful...love the polka dots...great answers as well
because...you're irish, i reconize your from my school, you're a vegetarian, and you like ska.

and this is my first time voting
Yay for people who go to THS!! whee!
you're so cute. !!! that third picture is hot.

you like the clash, indian food, and eternal sunshine. which means we're gonna go on a movie/food date where we eat indian food, go see sunshine and listen to the clash in the car.

however, i don't like the bell jar.
whee for indian food dates!! ive never been on one, but i would love to do it!! Eternal Sunshine is SUCH a good movie. holy cow... as soon as its out on video i'm buying it up and having an indianfood/movie fest. ..who's up for that??

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ahhh! gorgeous!
i love your eyes <3
you have a gorgeous smile.
YES! You look awesomely 60's!
giggle. thank you!!
Government "bugs you a lot"?


But I like the Bell Jar and I like ESotSM and you are amazingly pretty... so yes.