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oh no!!!!

the horror...

the horror...

the anger....

the futality....

the, hey wait that looks pretty good...

the unfortuante acceptance

so yea, the hair is cut.
i apologize to all.
the haircutter cut it way to short for my tastes
i said not to short
and leave it sorta long
at one point she pointed out this cool hairstyle
out of this model book.
it looked longer and better than this shit.
what the hell am i supposed to do?
and hats dont count as an answer.
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But short hair looks cute on you!
i liked your longer hair, but you can do some fun stuff with your shorter hair too. faux hawks are cute. but i can't really say much because WHERE IS YOUR FLASH!
poor kid. i like it though (not that that really helps you, but still)
haha aw, that last picture is adorable.
dont just you hate it when they cut your hair how you dont want it?
I like it

i love the faces. dont worry, it will get better. i cut my hair like 2 weeks ago and i cried like crazy, but now i love it