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Name: Senor Brendon
Location: Dallas
Sexuality: Male
Ethnicity: Hispanic / White

Genre: many genres
5 bands: Black Eyes, Q and Not U, The Faint, Le TIgre, Ex Models,Modest Mouse
Favorite song: oo toughy, i really cannot decide :(
Favorite lyrics: blood in the sea and in the tides

Movies:Full Metal Jacket, Pulp Fiction, Resivoir Dogs, Memento, Trainspotting, Waynes Worlds
Food/Drink: Dr. Pepper, Sushi, beef jerky
Books: i am not that big of a reader, The Lorax- by Dr Suess dont laugh haha
Hobbies: Guitar, Skateboarding, Drawing
Color: I am blue kind of guy
Website: www.speakthelingo.com
Country: USA
Cartoon Character: i would have to say Brendon from Home Movies

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: Women have the rights to do what they like its their baby and bodies
Death penalty: I am for it but i think it should be reversed harsher sentence should be you have life in prison i would rather die then spend my life in prison
Religion: alot mixed into one
Homosexuality: i have no problems with homosexuals, do as you please
Government: We need the government but are government now is pretty fucked up
Usa:has alot of enemies
Racism: not allowed, i hate it
Socio-economic classes: makes sense but is not needed
Immigration: I think its fine i have no problems with it.

Future Profession/Plans: Graphic Design
Where are you going to promote robotsarepretty: my journal
Make us laugh:


i had no other pics of me online so i had one of my kitty
sorry :-D
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i say yes my lovely one. you see, you are my stalker. haha
oh yes mollie i a is haha
simply because you have a picture of a cat and i'm in a yes mood today
i like your first picture
but you didnt put much effort into your answers
:( ok
and not just because you live in dallas.

but that had something to do with it.

because texas is just better
let's skate together.
yes :)

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