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Name: Adry
Age: 16
Location: AL
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Mixed

Genre: Drum & Bass overall, I also like listening to trance, indie, grunge, rock, emo. A variety... lacking the country & most hiphop.
5 bands: Sneaker Pimps, Nirvana, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Diesel Boy (He's actually a DJ), and Foo Fighters.
Favorite song: Sneaker Pimps "Waterbaby"
Favorite lyrics: "Your heart is served cold
Your sights are set in perfect stone,
And when you go you go alone,
And when you stand you're on your own,
I wash the streets from your skin when you come home
We're nothing like friends,
You have no time to lend,
And if you're guilt then I'm the shame,
And if I'm hurt then you're the blame
You wash my trace from your skin and you leave again
Random laid plans, 40 days of one night stands,
And when you go you go alone
You walk the cross you made your own
I wash the streets from your skin when you come home

Movies: Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine, Hedwig, LotR, Harry Potter, & Kill Bill.
Food/Drink: I absolutely love going to Subway or Taco Bell. Pizza is awesome, and it's good when I have myself a Dr. Pepper or Vanilla Pepsi. Ramen is good, too.
Books: Fight Club
Hobbies: I spend most of my time drawing (I've been drawing since I was a kid, like most of us), photography, gaming (Soul Calibur, Resident Evil... OH GOD... I love playing games!), writing, and graphic design.
Color: pink, black, & gray.
Website: n/a
Country: Asia
Cartoon Character: Ren and Stimpy (CAN'T HAVE ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER!)

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: Honestly, I'm not used to giving my opinion on stuff like this. I try to avoid it, and I think that maybe I shouldn't because we all have been given the chance to speak our own opinions about things. Alright... Abortion. I've always been torn with this issue. Some say that if a woman brings life to the world with her OWN body, then she's aloud to eradicate it as well ONLY because of the fact that it is her own body. Okay, so let's take a look at this... there are some cases where women are raped, some don't plan on it, and some are just plain hebetudinous. And these women don't give a damn if they're protected or not. Which 99% percent of the time leaves them knocked up, and holding LIFE inside. Now this is the case where one should automatically say, "Hey. You're an idiot. You put this on yourself and now you should have to carry the burden." that is a perfect example of abortion being wrong. And as for the women being raped... they deserve that judgement. I'm still so torn.
Death penalty: Taking a life is almost as if you're acting as god, and those people should be punished with the same brutality that he or she had demonstrated. Even though it hasn't gone to those extremes yet, I wonder how those who must perform the death penalty feel.
Religion: We're all given a choice, and someone shouldn't be forced to believe in something that they feel deep down doesn't exist. I respect other religions, and I love learning here and there. But I haven't kept a grip on one certain religion that I'd like to keep. When religion is brought up I'm usually the one who has the least to say.
Homosexuality: Simply... love is love.
Government: The government makes idiotic decisions at times... I try not to pay attention.
Usa: Despite a lot of the stuff that happens here in the USA I'm proud to have the freedom that I have.
Racism: I'm sick of hearing people being so racist. SICK.
Socio-economic classes: Honestly... I've NEVER had a discussion on this. I should look into that...

Future Profession/Plans: As soon as I finish high school I want to attent Savannah College of Art and Design. Get my Bachelor's Degree, and then I want to travel the world. I want to know more about the cultures that I've been fond of for years (Japan, most of all). I want to show people my view on the world through my art.
Where are you going to promote robotsarepretty: _cuteness_
Make us laugh: Have yourself a laugh. & For all of you crazy Kill Bill fans:


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i love taco bell, subway, pizza, ramen, and dr pepper.
boo vanilla pepsi.
Aww, but vanilla pepsi is goood!
I don't like your bands much... or your foods but you DO like Dr. Pepper so that's good...

Eh, you're pretty. Yes. By the way, why don't you look at the camera? ;D
Hehe. Yeah. I think I should look at the camera. It's something that happens naturally. I just look away.
you cut off parts of the preferences section.. that's not cool.. fill those out and then I'll get back to you,

you're pretty cute btw

& I fixed the app.

I have no idea what it means.
But you get a Yes
Lol Thanks.

Hebetudinous is just another word for someone who really isn't too keen in the mind.
yes. i love your layout. and your pictures are cute.

but, you just said 'mixed'.. what are you mixed? and whats your whole name, or is it just adry?

ren and stimpy sucks though.
Hispanic/Scottish/And there's some chinese in there, too!

I go by Adry. My real name is Adriann.

I had good laughs with the old Ren and Stimpy. The new version of it sucks. =\

Thanks! <3

but i better a see a picture of your smilling soon!
Will do! <3
yes, you're cute and put thought into your answers...and i like the fact that if you havent thought about topic, you dont bullshit it, but say that you'll think about it
i think it's awesome that you just use the word hebetudinous to look cool.
Haha. I didn't think the word would stand out like that.
I didn't really like your survey. But you'll get in anyways. You're very pretty.
ren and stimpy is not a cartoon character.
But both ARE cartoon characters.


13 years ago


13 years ago

because the first picture is beautiful

and you like hip hop along with trance
YAY! :D <3