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oh my so many pikchas...

oh my.
today was election day at my school. and i became a walking billboard cuz my school's crazy (esp my grade) and many people that run makes stickers... how crazy is that?!

this is like a week ago, at an art show.. the skeleton drawing's mine, and i dunno how it made it there... but it was there.

i dont like that pic of me but oh well :)

3 pics from boston. i was there from friday-sunday.
it was AWESOME. the people on my friend's list can read about it, but its super boring :)

my friend clare, michelle and me. we were taking a "coughing" pose but it looks like clare's gasping, michelle's sneezing and im yawning... haha

what can i say? travis is hawt <3

awww i love this pic. im right next to the asianghettoman <3 :P

alrighty im done
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