xie (what_evaa) wrote in robotsarepretty,

Name: christie
Age: 16
Location: scaggsville, maryland
Sexuality: straight
Ethnicity: italian/spanish

Genre: i hate this question. i listen to everything but techno.
5 bands: right now my favorite is the stills, i love saves the day always, frank sinatra, damnien rice, pixies, the vines
Favorite song: of montreal by the stills
Favorite lyrics:
all cool things are in metrics
for example here's just one
I've got my 9
well that's 9 millimeters,
sounds cooler than my point two seventy inches gun

Movies: cry baby!!!, crazy/beautiful, mostly martha.
Food/Drink: mango lassi, pepperjack's roast beef signature
Books: the fuck up by arthur nersesian, the bean trees, and on the road
Hobbies: photography, painting, sex drugs rock n roll
Color: green
Website: some old pictures
Country: ive never been out of america, but id love to go to italy or india.
Cartoon Character: doug, mos def. doug comes up in everything.

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: birthcontrol definately. its ridiculous not to use it unless you want a baby. im against abortion, but i dont think it should be illegal. making it illegal would just make it more dangerous for those women who are going to get it done anyway. i think the government should spend their time and money on education instead. (education about abortion)
Death penalty: not only is it completely wrong, its letting some of them off easy.
Religion: agnostic. religion isnt really something i think about very much.
Homosexuality: love is love, male or female.
Government: necessary
USA: boring! theres no culture. its too big. its too powerful. and theres too much crime.
Racism: completely messed up, on any level. that includes affirmitive action. it doesnt help, it just makes people realise race more.
Socio-economic classes: its unfortuante, but it doesnt seem like theres a lot that can be done about it. especially not when all the money is going to the rich and to war.
Immigration: it wouldnt be right for us to shut our doors, seeing as america was founded by immigrants, but its a little ridiculous if they wont learn english.

Future Profession/Plans: anthropologist/photographer
Where are you going to promote robotsarepretty: my lj, whatever communities im in
Make us laugh: http://www.ntk.net/media/dancemonkeyboy.mpg


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