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Name: kat
Age: sixteen
Location: new york
Sexuality: straight
Ethnicity: german.irish

Genre: indie-rock/indie-pop...but i'm open to anything. there's no sense in limiting yourself to only certain genre's. bring on the music.!
5 bands: get up kids, bright eyes, the frames, elliott smith, rilo kiley
Favorite song: get up kids - mass pike
Favorite lyrics: 'have you forgotten' by red house painters

Movies: good will hunting, fight club, amelie, life is beautiful, donnie darko, finding nemo
Food/Drink: i'm a vegeterian, so i mainly stick to the fruits&veggies...kiwis, toast, cheerios, grapes, pizza, mac&cheese = mm mm good.
Books: catcher in the rye, the perks of being a wallflower, the bell jar, of mice and men, grapes of wrath, white oleander, high fidelity, a clockwork orange, prozac nation, she's come undone, girl interrupted, anything by e.e. cummings, allen ginsberg, or jack kerouac
Hobbies: guitar, reading, drawing, photography, playing with my kitty, making bracelets & mixtapes
Color: seafoam green<3
Website: homestarruner.com
Country: france & italy are beautiful and full of culture and britain is just lovely and fun.
Cartoon Character: link from zelda is pretty damn hot. even though he's not a cartoon character, so to speak. and i love dory from finding nemo :)

Controversial Issues
Birth control/abortion: i think it's every woman's right to choose. outside of all the religious mumbo-jumbo, there is this baby growing inside of someone. what if it's a young girl? what if this person is unemployed? there are so many factors that go into this, finding a definite right or wrong is just impossible. yet on the other hand, abortion should NOT be used as birth control. if you are responsible enough to have sex, you should be responsible enough to use protection and take care of yourself.

Death penalty: what happened to the mentality of "two wrongs don't make a right"? it's much easier for a convicted killer of any kind to go to jail. if they already, let's say, raped and killed three people, death doesn't scare them. i'm not sure that rehabilitation would work. as much as you may force them, some people just cannot be taught to function in everyday society. i think that prisons should TRY to do that, and if it doensn't work.. the form of punishment can be to lock people away for life. being ALONE in a cold, dark cell, or just in a cell of any kind, can be painful enough. isolation is scary in and of itself. and also, the death penalty has become "showy".. there are audiences and witnesses, television viewings.. it is completely unnecessary and almost kind of revolting.

Religion: i personally am somewhat religious (i'm catholic). but i in no way feel the need to force my values and beliefs upon others. i think religion is an extremely personal thing; it's your relationship with whichever god you may choose to worship. who has the right to tell you that there is only one way to heaven (if you believe in that) and that the practice of their religion will solely get you there. however, i have found that people will over use religion and make it their own personal cause to "save the sinners". if i can live my life without being a christian, still following the ten commandments (not committing adultry, not stealing, not killing anyone, etc.) what does it matter if i don't go to church once a week? and even furthermore, why does it have to matter that i call myself a christian? why can't i just live my life as a good person? by just being a good person i'm saving myself.

Homosexuality: love is love. whether you're a boy who loves a boy or a boy who loves a girl...it's still love.

Government: as simple put as this sounds, it's necessary.

USA: please don't hate me, but after 9/11 i wasn't one of 29637329 people hanging American flags outside my house. most nations don't need to have a terrorist attack for patriosm to break. obviously we do. don't mistake me for someone who hates America, i really don't. i'm just currently fed up with a lot of things. after 9/11, everyone all of a sudden CARES about being American. two years later, instead of patting ourselves on the back for handling the crisis in a decent way, there are charges brought up against the firemen and the police offiers... they didn't handle the situation "efficently". for a nation that has never endured attacks like this, personally i think we handled it quite well (it could've been far worse). but now, two years later, we're trying to avenge the terrorists, and when the draft is brought up... everyone talks about moving to canada. funny, the day after the twin towers were hit, i remember seeing so many American flags. i still do, sometimes, on cars and houses. everyone is all gung-ho about America and how they'll do anything to defend it, but young men and women don't want to fight. instead we focus on low-carb diets and following the olsen twins. now, really... aren't there bigger things to take-ahold of?

Racism: everyone is different. if you think you're better than someone because you have a certain color skin or are a certain religion or ethnicity, you're just an idiot.

Socio-economic classes: they're always going to be there. when people are perfect enough to live in harmony, then we can try to eliminate them.

Immigration: i think immigration presents a lot of opportunities people would otherwise not have; such as education, job opportunities, and in many cases even freedom. but a lot of immigrants have a false sense of what America is really like. once here, a lot of times immigrants struggle with the system and will always have to deal with that struggle. it becomes the problem of finding the balance. by not letting immigrants in, we're denying people to what this country stands for; but once in, many times people complain that they're taking our jobs.

Future Profession/Plans: professor of English and writer
Where are you going to promote robotsarepretty: my lj & i'll tell all my friends about you pretty robots
Make us laugh: kitties rule all.. http://www.matazone.co.uk/kitty1.html


okay, i have a super bad habit with covering my mouth in what seems to be every picture..so um, i have a mouth, i promise.

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