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Location:Toronto Canada
Sexuality:straight but openminded
Ethnicity:very white and not religious.

Genre:rock and roll, emo, screamo, indy. i'm not really a stereotype everything.
5 bands:Postal Service, Joni Mitchell, Hole, Gravy Train, Hayden
Favorite song:Here comes the Sun- The Beatles
Favorite lyrics:"and theres a song outside my window, and the traffic wrote the words. and the sun shines in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses..." Chelsea Morning-Joni Mitchell

Movies:Big Fish, Amelie, Love Actually, Fear & Loathing in LasVegas, Waynes World, peter pan, Benny&Joon
Food/Drink: coffee or cool-aid and umm... red licorice, chocolate, or peaches
Books:catcher in the rye, the rum diaries, Helter Skelter
Hobbies:Acting, friends, cigarettes, my work/job.
Color:pink, red

Country:England or France i think i'd like. New York City , although not a country very hot!
Cartoon Character:anything of

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: i'm pro-choice, although i would never under any circumstance get an abortion myself. i think people should be able to do whatever they want with there lives. who am i to say they can't? i have no idea there situation or the type of person they are.

Death penalty:I think the death penalty is unnecessary and not correct. maybe we could have it so that the victims direct family and relatives choose whether or not they'd like to see the death penalty for what happened to their wife/husband/son/daughter/neice..whatever. or if they feel such strong feelings about what a criminal did to their loved one then they should have the option of killing them themselves. Avenge the death for the person. if they believe strongly enough that this person should die for their actions i feel they should have to kill the criminal themself. makes some sense to me.

Religion:i personally need no greater reason to live rather than to just live. i take everything for what it is. and just enjoy my stay here. some people need more than that to feel complete and not inadequate. Religion often fills that hole for people. so if it's making people happier then sure. but it's not for me.

Homosexuality:Any reason i've ever heard against why homosexuality isn't appropriate was total bull. Just let people do what they want to do. how does it effect you at all? you have to like what...see them holding hands at the mall. just let everyone be who they want to be. Pro-homosexuality- to me love is blind.

Government:i don't understand government. i'd also like to keep it this way. Sometimes i make up government conspiracies in my head about retarded things. i'd like to seperate myself from all government controls. i obviously do not understand government.

Usa:Fear & Loathing in LasVegas sums it up...' 4:00 in the morning in a vegas casino old lonely drunks still up and gambling. still humping the american dream.' Your Country seems like a movie set. You've sold out.

Racism:racism to me is ridiculous. every aspect of it. everyone i've ever met has been just like me but different, no matter what race.

Socio-economic classes:"i don't understand government." quote i.

Immigration:lets mix it all up. as a certain snapple commercial states "if blue just kicked it with blue...we'd have no green."

Future Profession/Plans:well pass highschool... and then university for either my acting or marketing or media or radio/televiosion

Where are you going to promote robotsarepretty:all the communities i'm in

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