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Age: sixteen
Location: Nerd Jerks NJ
Sexuality: whichever
Ethnicity: filipino

Genre:indie, emo, punk, ska.. or anything really
5 bands: le tigre, modest mouse, choking victim, my chemical romance, bikini kill
Favorite song: artist in the ambulance- thrice
Favorite lyrics: they die by the dozens and we look away

Movies: donnie darko, boondock saints, slc punk,
Food/Drink: cookies and ginger ale
Books: anthem by ayn rand, lullaby by chuck palahniuk, and catcher in the rye
Hobbies: photography, playing music, modifying clothing, writing,
Color: green
Website: http://www.homestarrunner.com
Country: Canada
Cartoon Character: jane .. from daria

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: I think birth control is just being responsible about having sex. But if you choose not to be responsible, you have to know there are consequences.. abortion should not just be used as an easy outlet. personally, i'm pro-choice.
Death penalty: two wrongs don't make a right. punishing someone for death with death doesnt make it all better.
Religion: I think most religions are formed to serve as comfort. It's so people arent afraid of what is to come in life.. they fall back on their faith to comfort them about death.
Homosexuality: i don't understand what is wrong with it
Government: the wrong people constantly end up in power.. with the occasional ACTUAL GOOD leader. I think the government is needed, but i wish our government could get things straight.
Usa: is not as awesome as its residents say it is. America is full of fear and constantly talks down other countries. and.. lets just not get started on that.
Racism: just no. learn to accept others. we are all human. why must color or ethnicity matter?
socio-economic classes: the rich will get rich the poor will get poorer and equality will never happen.. unfortunately.
Immigration: bring it on.

Future Profession/Plans: i really don't know what EXACTLY i want to do. but i want to major in broadcasting and work a little on photo journalism
Where are you going to promote robotsarepretty: i was gonna say so_hot_robot.. but then i realized that its promoted enough on there. ponders. i'm only in one community now. emo_x_rejects (i'll promote in my profile!)
Make us laugh:
knock knock
(who's there)
interrupting cow
inter... oh it doesn't work as well on here DOES IT NOW?!

whoa thats creepy


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yes... Your favorite cartoon character is Jane... and she rocks... plus, you're cute.. :) and i dont haterize your answers to anything.
no no
i liked most of your controversial answers
the first picture is really cute
i say yes
but me too.

haha yes because you have a picture of an ass exploding
yes :)
yes because of your hot hair and your realization that religion is a crutch (if i may be so bold as to interpret your religion answer haha)

you should read the fountainhead by rand, it's so well written, especially when compared to anthem.


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