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New Person

Location:B-town, sussex

Genre:Post hardcore, hardcore, metal, screamo, electro, basically everything
5 bands:Bleeding Through, Blood Brothers, hellogoodbye,Glassjaw, The locust
Favorite song:USA Nails-Blood Brothers
Favorite lyrics:"I would have used a pencil but lead's just not permanent"-dear jamie:Hellogoodbye

Movies:IT,omen,aladin,jungle book, bed knobs and broomsticks,toy story 1
Food/Drink:soya foods/soya milk or vodka<3
Books:The demon flower
Hobbies:Art, photography, internet, friends, letters, writing,
Color:Brown, Pink, Electric blue, green, red, black
Cartoon Character:King louie<3

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion:...i think its up to the person.
Death penalty:well, that ones a toughy, as there are some reasons why its good, but also why it is tragic, so i am saying undecided.
Religion:im not an atheist or anything, but i believe there is a spirit, just not a god, but this is like many choices, its up to the person.
Homosexuality:People have problems with this need to open their minds.
Government:im a VERY VERY political person myself, but at the moment, i think the press are printing out so much shit that people get confused on what to believe, and thus making the government hated, but this is only by the minoity who come on tv and give their veiws....ioh dear i better stop, but i'll back the government up anyday.
Usa:..i dont know what you mean by this, i haven't been there, but im sure its a beautiful country.
Racism:....same as homosexuality
Socio-economic classes:...i think its wrong we have to pay for junkies and shits like them.....sorry my veiw.
Immigration:im the same with polotics on i have mixed throughts on it.

Future Profession/Plans:i wanbt to get straight As in art&design, start my own electro hardcore band, go to sweden for awhile, start at the London fashion college.
Where are you going to promote robotsarepretty:in my journal&other communities i am in.
Make us laugh:....

note:i dont actually have my lip pierced...i am a loser and like pretending....<3
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