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Name: Amy P.
Age: 17/
Location: South Pasadena, CA.
Sexuality: I've only ever liked boys, but I'm not sure if I may like girls too.
Ethnicity: Taiwanese.

Genre: J-pop, J-rock, and C-pop. And some English stuff. I'm an f.o.b. and I like it.
5 bands: U2, L'arc~en~Ciel, The Faint, Frou Frou, Sugar Cult
Favorite song: With or Without You by U2
Favorite lyrics:
If you run fast enough
Then maybe you'll stop yourself
From making the same mistake twice
Can you hear me?
If you try hard enough
Then maybe you'll rise above
The black and white lies that you tell you

Movies: Plot. Anything with a good plot and decent acting. A good soundtrack doesn't hurt either.
Food/Drink: Oriental things, like dumplings and fried noodles and stuff. I grew up with it so it's what I like
Books: Fantasy, but I liked The Lovely Bones too. Favorite book? That'll have to be The Mists of Avalon.
Hobbies: Reading, drawing, writing (mostly short story angst O_o;), making music (I play the piano, am learning guitar, and play the cello. And I sing too, sort of.), listening to music, and video games.
Color: No real preference, but in my opinion blue is the nicest to look at.
Website: Huh. That's an original one. Being the dork I am, it'd have to be, which is a video game help site.
Country: USA, but Taiwan is nice too.
Cartoon Character: None. Not really into cartoons.

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: Birth control is good. Abortion, however, is not, except in rape cases. You choose to have sex, you be responsible or deal with the consequences.
Death penalty: No. I just don't think killing someone is a good option even if they've done something majorly horrible. Besides, there are far worse things than death to inflict upon them.
Religion: I'm a Christian, but I think the zealous "YOU SHALL BURN IN HELL" types make us look bad, because we're not all about burning in hell or gloating in heaven.
Homosexuality: If you choose to be different, have fun.
Government: Don't like the government much, but in the US at least it's as good as it gets on the planet, because humankind is stupid like that.
Usa: Love it here. Nice, clean, not so polluted...
Racism: Being Asian-American, I'd have to say that I've hit more than one person who called me a chink.
Socio-economic classes: Classes will always exist, but one should not be judged by classes, but by character.
Immigration: I immigrated here. I like immigrants.

Future Profession/Plans: Planning to go to college, possibly in UCSD. Double majoring in music composition and graphic design.
Where are you going to promote robotsarepretty: In my LJ probably.
Make us laugh: I'm no good at jokes. Go ahead and laugh at me. A pastor, a rabbi, and a monk walk into a bar, and the bar man says, "What is this, a joke?"

1. No more than 10, no less than 3.
2. Face must be unobstructed in at least 3.
3. Photoshopping is reserved for stamped members.

This one my boyfriend took of me at AnimeExpo2004. So sue me, I'm a dork.
And yes, I made the costume. It took forever.

Not a very good pic of me (or my boyfriend), but okay. There it is. And for the record, he LIKES being on a leash. And in kitty ears.

For some reason, a lot of my friends like this one.... From Prom a while ago.

The following have "preview" all over them because they're preview pictures of my senior pictures that I took (these are the most recent pictures), and I haven't gotten the actual copy of them, which is just as well, because these are completely unedited and need some serious lighting adjusting too, as opposed to when I get them---I think they'll be photoshopped then...

I've been told I look like I'm sexing up the chair...

I hate that shirt...

I don't like this pose. :O

I think that's all I need?

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