mollie (lightupneon) wrote in robotsarepretty,

Name: Mollie
Age: seventeen
Location: in the ugly brown polluted denver, colorado
Sexuality: straight
Ethnicity: can i say italian?
Genre: punk/electroclash/indie
5 bands: black eyes, blood brothers, xiu xiu, postal service, the faint.
Favorite song: right now, american vulture - blood brothers.
Favorite lyrics: if i had legs, i'd get up and fight.
Movies: whatever's on. you gotta be in the mood for the movie
Food/Drink: not really meat, but lots else. water.
Books: elmore leonard
Hobbies: fucking around, sleeping, poetry, internet
Color:real dark pink.
Website: haha!
Country: portugal, used to live there
Cartoon Character: dexter
Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: up to the lady.
Death penalty: no good, killing
Religion: opiate of the masses
Homosexuality: its all the truth
Government: is a lazy fucking whore, a cheep one too
Usa: thinks its the shit, but it isn't
Racism: a mind disease
Socio-economic classes: get the fuck over your own ego.
Immigration: let em in, they are just looking for help
Future Profession/Plans: something worthwhile, not sure.
Where are you going to promote robotsarepretty: on my livejournal?
Make us laugh: haha, that question should make you laugh.

take me?
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i've decided that i'm basing every vote off of only bands, pictures, and not putting photography as a hobby. you win.
have a nice day then.