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Name: Margot
Age: nineteen
Location: florida
Sexuality: straight
Ethnicity: 1/2 german/ irish. 1/2 english
Genre: hmm... art rock? progressive rock? there are so many genres out there today... i just can't keep up.
5 bands: ...and you will know us by the trail of dead, radiohead, interpol, beck, led zeppelin
Favorite song: i could never choose just one! but... i'm absolutely in love with interpol "the new", or radiohead "life in a glass house".
Favorite lyrics: "gold teeth and a curse of this town. were all in my mouth. only i don't know how... they got out dear. turn me back into the pet. i was when we met. i was happier then with no mindset" -the shins, new slang (notice the stripes)
Movies: buffalo 66, kill bill vol 1 and 2, pulp fiction, lost in translation, death race 2000
Food/Drink: i drink a lot of water or diet coke. i have a weakness for chocolate, and i love california pizza kitchen.
Books: prozac nation, the acid house, the catcher in the rye
Hobbies: drawing, writing, NES, playing guitar, playing with my synthesizer
Color: i prefer the absence of color (black/ white)
Website: i seem to be on livejournal a lot. and i tease myself on and wish i had a few grand to blow...
Country: japan. it's my goal to ultimately live in tokyo.
Cartoon Character: ayanami rei from evangelion.
Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: i think more people should use birth control methods to avoid something like abortion in the first place. i agree that abortion should be an option available to women, but to women who were raped, or feel it's best they don't have a child for the child's sake. not girls who can't keep their thighs shut and see abortion as something to do next weekend. i think this country is oversexed, and because of this, stds are rampant, and the option of abortion may no longer be an option because it's been abused so much.
Death penalty: i think they've been excercising the death penalty too much. in some cases, the death penalty may be appropriate, but life in prison is worse than death, and is a more fit punishment.
Religion: i'm not religious, faith in something is what helps a lot of people get through life. i accept devout religious fanatics, to a certain level. when people use religion as a hook to start wars or make money, i have a problem. religion is supposed to help us be good people and live good menaingful lives, not be taken literally and used as weaponry.
Homosexuality: i've never had any issues with homosexuality. if it makes some one happy to be with some one of the same sex, then who are we to judge? i don't agree with it, but i especially don't agree with bigotry. you don't see gay guys harassing and beating the shit out of rednecks because they think fucking their cousins is gross, do you?
Government: well, this is a broad area. i think ours could use some work, and a new president.
Usa: our country has become the butt of the world's joke. we're lazy, fat, ignorant, shallow, pumped full of silicone, and more concerned with who's fucking who on the OC than issues of signifigance. but i'm speaking generally here, so no offense to anyone.
Racism: pure idiocy. people will always hate other people, but is it really necessary to hate people just because of the way they were born? i think a lot of people would change their views on racism (ie, white people) if they were a minority.
Socio-economic classes: if there isn't a change in our economy, the middle class will deteriorate further and cease to exist.
Immigration: i persoanlly think we have too many immigrants in our country, but i would never ban immigrants from coming here. i just think that if they do, they should become legal residents and get jobs to boost our economy, instead of sucking up our social security.
Future Profession/Plans: i've always been an artist, and i plan to get my bachelor of fine arts in graphoc design. if i don't become a rockstar.
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Make us laugh: the onion humors me.

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