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Name: Mandi
Age: 16
Location: Greenville, SC
Sexuality: straight
Ethnicity: white

Genre: indie/emo/electronica
5 bands: Death by 1979, Bright Eyes, Saves The Day, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Postal Service
Favorite song: This Place is A Prison - The Postal Service
Favorite lyrics: "Thank you Stranger for your therapeutic smile" Bright Eyes!

Movies: I like almost anything, but my favorites are the classic faves: Edward Scissorhands, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Donnie Darko, Interview with a Vampire
Food/Drink: food - Intalian Drink - Sprite
Books: Poetry books.  I'm not a big fan of reading, really.
Hobbies: Photography, I write A BUNCH, skateboarding, sleeping
Color: Red
Website: Allpoetry or LJ
Country: England
Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo and Shaggy

Controversial Issues
Birthcontrol/abortion: I'm pro-choice.  I don't think the government should be allowed to say what goes on inside your own body.
Death penalty: Against
Religion: I'm athiest, but the only thing that pisses me off about religious people is when they jam it down your throat. 
Homosexuality: I don't care.  It doesn't change my oppinion of you or the way I feel about you.
Government: Eh, I'm not an anarchist, but I don't like some things they do.
Usa: no thanks.
Racism: it's gross.  People can't help the color of their skin, so get over it, you know?
Socio-economic classes: You'll need it eventually
Immigration: The more, the better!  I think most people in the south need a cultural awakening.

Future Profession/Plans: Photographer/writer.  I know it's cliched, but I can't help it.
Where are you going to promote robotsarepretty: My friend's journals, my own journal, random people.
Make us laugh:

It's not Jesus.



The end!!

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