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Name: Kayla
Age: 22
Location: florida
Sexuality: straight
Ethnicity: French/Irish/Scottish

Genre: I prefer acoustic music usually, but not under all circumstances. Experimental can be beautiful, as well.
5 bands: bombadil, paul baribeau, rachel goodrich, the weeks, the impossible shoelace
Favorite song: I've always been a sucker for "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen
Favorite lyrics: "Hang out the window and wait to grow younger."

Movies: waking life, cube, juno, die hard, and ... toy story
Food/Drink: Vegetarian. I like cooking for myself at home, and I am a sushi chef... avocado/cucumber/carrot/asparagus roll with sunflower seeds on top - deliciousness.
Books: The Screwtape Letters, House of the Spirits, Perelandra, The Bible, and Blankets
Hobbies: painting, making stained glass, cooking, and urban rock climbing
Color: /Green.
Website: craigslist
Country: I love the United States, and can't wait to see more of it. West Coast is soon on the list. Can't wait to go to Portland, OR.
Cartoon Character: I like Brian from Family Guy.

Controversial Issues
Birth control/abortion: I see nothing wrong with birth control, and don't find it to be very controversial beyond particular religious sects. I find abortion to be personally distasteful in the great majority of circumstances. As far as policy is concerned, I think it is too dangerous to make it illegal.

Death penalty: I think that if we weren't falsely imprisoning so many individuals on drug charges, then we would be better able to afford Lifers in the prison system. I don't believe in the right people have to dispose of another individual based on past indecencies. Self defense is the only situation wherein I could justify killing another human being, and that's purely based on self-preservation.

Religion: I think church is a good place, and I can get a lot out of it. I have gone in and out of attendance, and I really think that a lot of the comfort that comes with church and prayer may just be social/psychological, but I reserve the right to continue to ponder that.

Homosexuality: I don't really have an opinion on a fact of life such as homosexuality, so... all I can say upon the matter is that I am not, and other people are.

Government: I consider myself to be a libertarian. I believe that government has gotten too far out of hand, and that the nature of government is to continue to create itself into more and more complicated systems, which are unable to keep track of one another. The nature of them is to spiral out of control. They should regularly be put into check so as to prevent this from happening.

USA: The premises that our country was built on were incredibly well though out and intended by our Founders. A lot of the ambiguity from the Constitution is clarified in the Federalist Papers, and it aggravates me when people try to act as though the intentions weren't made clear enough.

Racism: Racism in America was started because of the sloppy method under which abolition took place. We had a lot of freed black slaves who had earned their freedom and worked their way into society who all of the sudden were put on par with uneducated masses of slaves set free all at once. Before the Emancipation Proclamation black persons were working their way naturally into respectful positions in the United States - and all that ended instantaneously for a lot of them.

Socio-economic classes: Once again, I'm not sure on the question here... but, they do exist. I don't think that their presence is as relevant as the ability to move between them in a society.

Immigration: We should make the process of legally becoming a citizen of the United States easier to ensure that the, on average, 8 year wait to become a part of this country doesn't deter well-meaning people into a life of illegal existence within our borders.

Future Profession/Plans: I have been working for the past few years, and will continue for the next decade on a long-term project of mine. Non-govt private school that is not tuition based. So, a free alternative to public education.
Where are you going to promote robotsarepretty: Everywhere.
Make us laugh: I like to draw, so whenever I make a new friend, I draw them in a notebook and give them superhero powers and a superhero name.

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